About Us



Charlie Reich was a skin trader who saw the tides change in post-WWII 1940's, fashioning modern coats for women, bringing silver screen glamour to their everyday lives. Reich Furs was a woman's choice – her own purchase. 

 Today, the traditions continue in New York City, where Reich Furs remains a family business, but serves as a creative hub for designers and technicians to collaborate on innovative and luxurious fur outerwear, accessories, and trimmings.

Reich Furs has evolved into a vertically integrated fashion organization encompassing international fur sourcing, development, manufacturing and distribution. Staff is available for design consultation on custom pieces and fur maintenance on existing pieces such as cold storage, cleaning, refurbishing and remodeling.

Reich Furs is the secret weapon behind many of the most highly coveted American, European and Asian brands. The pieces are often seen on the runways during New York, London, and Paris Fashion Week, as well as on the backs of the most sought-after celebrities and influencers. Go to any one of the top global luxury department stores or boutiques and chances are you will find a Reich Furs product.



As CEO of Reich Furs and Oscar De La Renta Furs, there’s no wonder Maria Reich has earned the moniker, “The Fur Boss.” Whether she’s designing a new collection, attending one of her sons’ games or sharing her life with over 40,000 Instagram followers, Maria is constantly striving to inspire. 

We oppose the inhumane treatment of animals and always maintain the highest standards of both how we source our fur and how we produce our products. That is why we have partnered with all the below organization to make sure that we are the leader in sustainability in our industry.

We always comply with the Truth in Fur Labeling Act of 2010 and make sure to continue to educate ourselves on best practices. We also support our local and federal legislation when it comes to promoting the proper labeling of all fur related products. Informing our customers of the way in which we use fur and how we source it is something that we take very seriously. Everything that we produce is always labeled properly and in line with Truth in Fur Labeling Act of 2010. We only use furs that are farmed or taken from areas in which populations in the wild are abundant.

If you would to take a look at our inventory, please contact us to set up an appointment in our showroom.