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The Makings Of A Genius Fashion Photographer

Eddie Reich

Posted on February 07 2017

There’s a reason we always use Danilo Hess,, for our shoots. He has a very strong point of view; He knows his angles and lighting so that we can really sit back and focus on our coats and styling the model.


He continues to grow and evolve as his style changes accordingly. He's constantly pushing himself to the next level, which is something the Reich Furs team aims to do on a daily basis. He remains calm, but his laissez fair outlook can be deceiving – he plans out a shoot ahead of time so when we get there, it’s time to work.


Our Creative director, Maria Reich and Danilo have a very strong relationship. They each know what the other is going to bring to the table so on shoot day, all the pre-planning makes for a laid-back vibe…plus, when we request Beyonce, he cranks it.



The Furboss