#NoFurBan: An Update From Reich Furs

Posted by Eddie Reich on

In light of the potential fur ban in NYC, our team is fighting every step of the way. On March 28th, our entire office made signs and went to City Hall to protest this attack on our industry. 

We are a family business that goes back generations, but this is more than just about our rich history and legacy. Reich Furs is also a company that employs 150 passionate and hardworking individuals. We are just one of many in this historic industry that still provides hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue to this city. 

We have utilized the press as much as possible to tell our side of the story. You can read our President, Samantha Ortiz's, opinion piece in the New York Post to learn more about the facts. Family and friends were also interviewed by the New York Post about millennials and fur, disproving the myth that the younger generations are against fur. Today, Maria Reich, our CEO, spoke to Channel 4 NBC, which will be airing tonight at 5:30 PM. We are stopping at nothing to get our point across and fight for more than just our businesses, but NYC's freedom of choice. You can read more about Maria's thoughts about the potential ban on her blog post.

Now what can you do to help? Please take the time to vote no to the ban here and then sign the petition to oppose the fur ban here. You can also tweet, post on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #NoFurBan. Educate your friends and family. Send them these links and encourage them to vote and sign the petition as well! 

Defend consumer rights. Defend NYC jobs. Stop our city from starting down a slippery slope of banning entire industries and animal products, because fur is just the first step. What will it be next? 

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