First Eddie Reich Memorial Prize Awarded

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Congratulations to Nick Olsen for being awarded with $5,000 as the first winner of the Eddie Reich Memorial Prize (ERMP) at FIT. Olsen will also be sent to the Saga Design Center for a week’s training in fur techniques. Olsen was selected along with three other finalists to present their fur projects to a panel of judges that included our CEO Maria Reich, John Russel Jones the FIT Alumni Association President, Sarah Mullins the Accessories Design Chair at FIT, Charles Ross, Nick Pologeorgis, Leonard Gorski, Frank Zambrelli President of Design Quadrant. The finalists had projects that were produced by Pologeorgis Furs, Saga Furs, Jonevan Furs and Reich Furs. The winning project was produced by Reich Furs. 

We hope that all four finalists stay engaged in the fur industry as they progress in their fashion careers. This prize was established to celebrate the memory of our own Eddie Reich and his passion for this industry. We look forward to seeing what the ERMP can do for FIT students for years to come.

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